All courses and activities require wearing masks, social distancing, and washing or sanitizing hands as needed. Click here for more information on COVID safety policy.


Due to COVID constraints and safety measures, we are not printing a winter brochure to cover offerings in January, February, and March. We have a few offerings for this time frame. Click here to view.

We are working on some wonderful face-to-face and online courses for SPRING 2021 in good faith that schools and other facilities will be open and safe in reference to COVID-19. We will put out a spring brochure covering April, May, and June. However, please be aware that modifications still may be necessary in the spring.

Academic courses are being offered through digital (online), telephonic, and paper options as well as in person by appointment at our learning center. We can do intakes by telephone as well. Please email .


Our address is 172 Main Street, Cornish, ME  04020. Our office and learning center are located where Phat Boys was previously located. Our phone number, (207) 625-3092, has not changed.

However, as we all know, even the best moves can have special issues. As of January, our phones lines in our new office are still not operational; however, if you call our number and leave a message, we will be able to retrieve it. There is no beep, so just start talking after the prompt. Please note that we have to temporarily call you from other phones and you may not recognize the number.

Email or call us for any information. Whether we are in the office or working off-site, someone will get back to you, although not necessarily immediately. Please note that you will get our voice mail if you call our office number (625-3092) and that there is no beep to wait for…just start talking. We will get back to you. You are very important to us. Stay well and safe!

Lifelong Learning Quote

The views and ideas expressed by course instructors are not necessarily those of Sacopee Valley Adult Education. Course attendees are urged to utilize their best independent judgement in evaluating statements or suggestions made by course instructors.

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    Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) offers a solution for all forms of food addiction. Many people are finding recovery in FA from obesity, under-eating, bulimia, and obsession with food and weight. There are no dues or fees. Come join the one night Zoom informational session. To preserve confidentiality, call coordinator for access information, (207) 529-5550.

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    Falun Gong is an ancient, traditional Chinese practice of “self cultivation”- a way to improve mental and physical wellness through five easy-to-learn exercises, meditation, and the elevation of one’s mind. The practice is based on the universal values of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. This introductory demo class will provide a brief overview of the system, […]